Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Fire Without Wires

Tonido is another way to sync files from a computer to your Kindle Fire, other mobile devices, and other computers. Setup is really easy- all you do is download Tonido Server for your PC, Mac, or Linux homne or main computer and install it. Then install the free Tonido app on your Fire- it's available in the Amazon Android App store from your web browser or Fire app store. After you create a free account, anything you place in the Tonido folder on your computer appears in the Tonido folder on your Fire, as well as on any other devices or computers running the Tonido app or client software. The same occurs in reverse- any file you place in the Tonido folder on the Fire appears on your computer.

Of course, the computer running Tonido Server must be on and connected to the Internet, and your Fire or other device must be connected wirelessly in order for synchronization to take place. And you have to log in to your Tonido account to access your account and synchronize files. But other than that Tonido works seamlessly.

You don't have to be limited by the internal memory and lack of an SD card slot on the Fire either. The Kingston Wi-Drive is available in 16 and 32gb sizes and connects to the Fire via Wi-Fi. A USB port and cable allows you to directly sideload files from your computer if you wish.

In combination with productively software such as Documents to Go, ES File Explorer, and OfficeSuite Pro, the Fire has the ability to be a nifty little work tablet. And when you've done enough work to feel you've accomplished something, you can always relax with a movie or some music.

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